Why Sponsor?

Are you on the fence about child sponsorship? Or just not sure how the process works? Child sponsorship is a relationship that is both precious and powerful. And at just over $1 a day, it doesn’t take much to make a huge impact.

Have you ever believed any of these common myths? 

Myth – With so many people in need, sponsoring one child won’t make a difference.
It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of suffering in the world. It can cause you to feel powerless and to believe that helping one person will not make a difference. This myth may make you feel hopeless and bitter, and ultimately, can keep you from acting at all.

Myth – I will start seeing fruits of my investment immediately.
Sponsorship is a relationship—and like all relationships, it takes time to build.

Myth – I won’t be able to connect with a child overseas.
The most powerful way to connect with your child is through prayer. We serve a God who knows the individual needs, hopes, and dreams of your sponsored child, and through prayer, you are directly connecting to them and to our Savior.

Myth – My investment will not meet actual needs.
Each program is uniquely designed to fit the specific needs of individual children and families. This means that the resources each child receives may vary depending on the program. Regardless of the program, your investment fosters the development of the whole child—mind, body, and soul.

Despite the myths surrounding child sponsorship, in reality, it is very simple: By committing to love and invest in a child in need, you are changing a life forever . . . including your own.

Who was that person for you? The one who looked past your weakness and your self-doubt and saw the person you would become . . . the one who believed in you and chose to invest in you? Would you be who you are today without that person? Everyone needs someone to be the one. I am constantly amazed at how God can bring good out of even the most tragic circumstances. The support our sponsors are giving is truly changing lives. One day you will see the fruit of your love, prayers, and investment in your sponsored child. When you choose to be the one to invest in a child, you make an impact that lasts a lifetime. If you have not made the commitment to become a sponsor yet, what is holding you back? Just think: For a little over $1 a day, you can be the one to change a child’s life. Will you choose to be the one for a child waiting for you?

This is the miracle of sponsorship: Your love does not end with that one child. It keeps on going . . . reaching further and impacting more lives. By choosing to be the one for a child in need, you are choosing to change countless lives for eternity.