Rafiki Africa Ministries seeks to raise up the next generation of Uganda Christian leaders with Biblical morals and values. Our goal is to provide the love of Jesus, education, medical needs, food and shelter in a family-style home for orphaned, destitute, and vulnerable children of Uganda.

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Meet the Children


Mary has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. In Uganda there is a stigma attached to children with disabilities. Many even think they are cursed or possessed by demons. Mary was abandoned by her father and mother. She was alone, hungry, filthy, and living almost 24 hours a day lying on the floor in the corner of a dark shack. Mary was one of the first children to come to our Rafiki Children’s Home. She lived here for several years, but recently she has begun receiving wonderful specialized care at Elizabeth House

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Joshua was abandoned in the care of his grandmother after both of his father died and his mother could not care for him. He was living in poverty, forced to take care of himself and grow up at such a young age, and in desperate need of a loving family and home. Joshua was one of the first children brought into the orphanage, and we have had quite the journey watching the Lord transform him into the boy he is today.

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Joel was abandoned by his parents. He spent time scrounging the community for food until a local government official found him and notified us of his situation. Joel was hungry and in desperate need of help. Not too long after his arrival at the Rafiki Home, his little brother, Jerom, was also found to be abandoned and was taken in.

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Brenda was abandoned by her mother. Her father is an alcoholic and even though he loved his daughters, he could no longer care for them. At just five years old, Brenda was neglected, malnourished, and the main caretaker of her younger sister Esther. When we met Brenda, she and Esther were out getting water. They walked 15 minutes multiple times a day to the only water source in their village.

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