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Rafiki Africa Ministries’ missionaries are dependent on self-support to fund their journeys. We are confident in the God who sends is the same God who provides. If you want to be a part of sending these missionaries on their journey, then please designate your giving to a missionary.

God has given the Kiwanuka family a desire to serve, love, and help the people of Uganda.  The Kiwanuka family is not able to do this without the support of so many others. Thank you for your love and support!

We are consistently needing funds to fulfill the mission God has called us to. We commit to using the funds you entrust to us with integrity and stewardship. We are a certified 501(c)3, so your gift is completely tax-deductible.

Read more about Joseph’s journey to becoming a missionary:

“Joseph was born and raised in a farming village in Western Uganda under very humble circumstances. He had to walk to school 6 km away from home from the age of 7. He still remembers the times the hot surface burnt his feet, as he did not have any shoes. He made charcoal, sold firewood, and worked on neighbors’ farms to raise money to pay for his education. He started working when he was only seven years old. Being a child who came from a humble background with no hope for the future, Rafiki Africa Ministries program of helping the children of Uganda is very dear to his heart. He desires to give back to the communities of children who have so little and would not be helped otherwise.


After receiving Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord, God gave Joseph a passion to reach out and work with children and youth in Uganda. Joseph wanted to share the love of Jesus Christ in communities. After working with different ministries in Uganda, Joseph saw a need that had not been met. Joseph’s desire to serve Jesus propelled him and his wife, Sara, to start Rafiki Africa Ministries. Joseph says, “Having grown up in very humble circumstances I consider myself one of the most fortunate people alive on earth today. God has given me a beautiful family and has taken me places I never dreamed of.”

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